Try fasting to improve discipline, motivation, procrastination and your general health

I’ve heard a lot of good things about intermittent fasting over the last few years. Intermittent fasting involves dramatically restricting your food intake, usually 2 out of 7 days per week. Some people try to eat under 400 calories during those low calorie days however when I tried doing that I found that I struggled to fall asleep while feeling hungry. I ended up trying a slightly different approach called the warrior diet. With the warrior diet you have one big meal in the evening which allowed me to sleep better and then you go the whole day without eating (Tea, coffee allowed) and have another big clean meal 24 hour later. So essentially you restrict your food intake to just one big healthy dinner 2 times per week and eat normally the other 5.

So what does intermittent fasting has to do with procrastination? I think there are two parts to this. First of all, intermittent fasting supercharges your brain and improves your memory. It is suggested that when your brain realizes that you are beginning to starve it supercharges itself in an effort to figure out ways to get food and try and remember where and how you were able to get food in the past. In my experience, I felt a lot more focused and motivated during my fasting days. I was also able to work on difficult tasks longer without getting mentally exhausted.

Secondly, I noticed that certain types of foods make me feel lazy, tired, sleepy and unmotivated. I have not quite figured out what it is. Maybe I’m allergic to something, maybe I don’t function well after eating sugars. Maybe it’s gluten or dairy. Maybe it’s just my body going into lazy mode, trying to digest a big meal. I’m yet to find out. However, what I do know for certain is that by eliminating all food for 24 hours I avoided all these negative effects all together.

The bottom line is, when I fast I have most productive days and I feel great. Intermittent fasting has a huge number of other benefits too. Here are 5 types of intermittent fasting. Maybe you could try it out and find out for yourself. As always, if you are not a healthy individual you might want to see your doctor before trying this.

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