Stop procrastination by starting your day on the right note

I noticed how my morning routine affects the rest of the day. I must admit, I’m not a morning person so I usually wake up a little grumpy and take a while to wake up properly. I usually pop into the shower, then have my morning coffee while I read the news. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that as long as I get to work as soon as I’m done waking up. However, whenever I get a little carried away and delay work to watch an interesting video on YouTube or play a quick round of Hearthstone it becomes incredibly hard to stop. If I start my day with procrastination, I end up fighting procrastination most of the day. If I start my day by diving straight into work, it’s not that difficult to keep it up. It is extremely important to start your day on the right note. Get the work out of the way and have your fun afterwards. Start your day by relaxing and having fun and it’s not going to be easy to stop.

Comments on Stop procrastination by starting your day on the right note

  1. PhuWaisa says:

    This is definitely a bad habit I should break out of. It’s hard deciding to be at the lecture hall half an hour early, but I noticed that I have never regretted doing so instead of spending time in my room watching Youtube.

    1. mightyb says:

      Indeed. I find that procrastination, even though it does give you short term rewards, leaves you with a horrible guilty aftertaste. Doing something productive leaves you with a good feeling even if you don’t necessarily achieve what you wanted straight away.

  2. Great personal insight. Your recommendation to “get work out of the way and have your fun afterwards,” sounds just like something my Mom taught us as kids. Funny how that advice still sticks—and is even more prudent as an adult!

    1. mightyb says:

      There are so many proverbs from around the world that basically say the same thing. It’s so true.

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