Practise persistence, discipline and commitment

Chronic procrastinators might find it extremely difficult to get into a habit of doing certain things at a specific time of day and staying persistent. According to this study on habit forming, it takes an average person around 66 days to form a new habit. So if you are trying to incorporate a daily workout into your life, not only you will have to do it for a pretty long time before it becomes a habit, as a procrastinator you might just chose to not do it one day or you could go off track and never get back to working out.

A lot of people find it much easier to make an adjustment to an existing habit rather than taking a long time to develop a new one. At the end of the day, the longer you do something the more chances you have to stick to it but when you try and do something difficult consistently, you will have a lot more pressure to just quit. So here is a little trick you could try. Pick an easy task you would do every day at a certain time. I suggest drinking a glass of water. Because it’s very easy to do, it’s healthy and a lot of people don’t drink enough water anyway. Work on developing this habit. Setup reminders. You should have no problems doing this every day as long as you don’t forget. Give it a week and start adding to your habit. Now you can drink a glass of water and maybe do 10 situps. Give it another week and add something else. Eventually you will get into a habit of drinking that glass of water and doing your daily workout with relative ease.

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  1. ybiqS says:

    This is something I will try. Thank you for the idea.
    Also, remember that getting rid of bad habits is very difficult, if you don’t replace it with another habit. I guess it’s the same principle, just from a different angle.

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