Is excessive masturbation causing your procrastination?

It’s an egg or a chicken type of question. On one had, excessive masturbation might have deeper psychological roots. For example some people might use it as a way of coping with stress. On another hand, over-masturbation itself can have a lot of negative side effects, both mental and physical. These range from guilt, feeling bad about yourself, memory and concentration problems, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, lack of energy, lack of motivation and on top of everything it gives you instant and very powerful gratification. There is a reason why professional athletes are often advised to avoid sex or masturbation before the match/game. Back in 2003 there was a study that measured testosterone levels in males after abstaining from sex and masturbation and here is what the results looked like:

testosterone levels

As you can see, there is a significant testosterona spike on day 7. Now imagine what this chart would look like for somebody who masturbates multiple times per day. You would never even get to experience that peak.

There was another study where half the men in the group were given placebo while others were supplemented with testosterone. They were then invited to roll a dice in private and report back with the number they rolled. They were told that they would get rewarded with more money for higher numbers rolled. Men who took testosterone reported more honest results and after evaluation scientists concluded that these men experienced a boost in pride and self image and did not want to cheat just to win a little more money.

Another study showed that men who stopped masturbating for a week felt more confident approaching women and had lower anxiety levels when it came to meeting new people and socializing.

Knowing that procrastination could be caused by the lack of energy, poor focus, low motivation, anxiety, fear of failure as well as other factors, we can assume that negative side effects of over-masturbation could make it worse. So I propose a challenge. Try abstaining from masturbation for just one week and report back with results. I tried this myself. It was very difficult. I did however notice a huge boost in motivation and energy and after completing this challenge I felt really good about myself. So try it.

PS: Masturbation in itself is part of healthy sex life and there is nothing wrong with it, however problems start when you start doing it too much.

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