How I remind myself, how valuable my limited time is

We all have finite time in this world and it’s the most valuable resource we have. If you look at people who lived a good life you will realize that they spent their time well. I remember how I used to procrastinate and spend all my time playing computer games. Just one of the games I played has over 4000 hours on the clock. It’s sickening! I got nothing out of those 4000 hours. I created no memories, I did not become fitter or smarter, I did not make any true friends. That time is gone, I will never get it back and I would have been better off spending this time on pretty much anything besides gaming. I was literally killing my limited time just to kill my limited time.

Unfortunately, we tend to forget about our time. It just flies and we focus on every day problems, work, entertainment. We waste a lot of time without realizing what we are doing. So I decided that I need to remind myself of how valuable my time is and I should spend it wisely. I found a cool website here which creates a simple life calendar that shows how many weeks you lived and how many weeks you have left. You can set it as your homepage or download their chrome app which will display your life calendar each time you open a new tab. It really helps me be more more mindful of my time. I hope you will find it useful too.

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